Summer is right around the corner and that means family vacations and road trips – and more time in the family car. Make sure your summer trip starts off right and you don’t spend that family time in the mechanic’s shop during your trip. No one wants to start a trip with a breakdown.

To do so, we suggest car owners to not only have a ‘tune-up’ before their trip but change the oil in your car on a regular basis. Depending how you drive your car, and the year of the car – cars made in 2011 and newer need an oil change between 5,000 and 6,000 miles. When you have your oil change, also rotate the tires. On older cars – made before 2010 – change the oil every 3,000 miles.

As the summer temperatures rise, oil loses its lubricity and tends to break down and become dirty. Filters also wear out and collect debris over time. Oil filters should be changed at the same time as the oil is changed. Just like the filter in your home heating and air system, they get dirty and accumulate debris.

If a car owner doesn’t maintain regular oil changes, the result can be a less-than-optimum performance or even more disastrous effects will become apparent.

We highly recommend the importance that regular service intervals be performed, along with additional maintenance. Selecting a service shop that specializes in your Japanese auto is specifically important. The reason being is that our shop employs staff specializing in your vehicle and this maximizes the chances of full inspections being effective.

Japanese Auto Repair checks the breaks and the belts and the hoses and tires to make sure the whole car is running up to specs. It is something that other shops not specializing in Japanese Autos neglect. Regular maintenance is also less expensive than replacing your car altogether.

You can easily get 300,000 miles out of your car by performing regular maintenance to the vehicle – by regularly changing the oil, checking the brakes, belts, hoses and tires. Maintenance checks and oil changes should be scheduled a few weeks ahead of a road trip since that can sometimes reveal unseen issues your vehicle.

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