So, you finally have a license and that car you have been dreaming about since your fifth birthday. Before you jump behind the wheel and start tearing up the streets, you might want to think about the issue of your car’s health.

Whether you are driving a late model car or a brand-spanking-new vehicle, it’s important that you adhere to regularly scheduled maintenance in order to get the most out of your car. New drivers often forget the ins-and-outs of dealing with the mechanical problems. Don’t sweat the issues though; finding a reputable mechanic, can make the issue of car care a breeze. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will keep you and your ride on the road for years to come.

Change The Oil

Nothing will tank a car faster than letting the oil changes go past their due date. As engine oil is processed through the motor, it can evaporate or even start to clump. Be sure that you take the time to change the oil every 3,000 miles. This will ensure that your car’s engine is at top performance.

Change and Rotate Your Tiresflat tire

Having a good set of tires on your ride will help make your drive easier, and even improve fuel efficiency. Always keep a spare in the trunk in case of an emergency, and for the love of God, know how change a tire. Rotating your tires at every oil change will help improve longevity and prevent daily wear.

Keep an Eye on Gauges and Warning Lights

Many times, mechanical troubles can come out of the blue. There are times however that your car can warn you about potential problems. If you see any lights come on in the dashboard display, don’t wait around until it’s too late. If this happens get your car into the shop ASAP. These lights are there to tell you when something isn’t right. Deal with the problem before it turns into something that will leave you stranded or cost you thousands.

Visit Your Mechanic for Routine Maintenance

suwanee auto mechanicYour car is a complex machine. The more you drive, the more that you put stress on regularly used parts. Because of this fact, it is crucial that you know when it’s time to take your personal road warrior into the shop. Most car manufacturers suggest that you take your car in for routine maintenance every 30,000 miles. Items such as brake pads, wipers, and fluids need to be changed from time to time to ensure the integrity of your ride. If you don’t know when your new car last visited the mechanic, it might be a good idea to bring it in to the shop. That way, you can be sure that everything is working in top order, and you know when it’s time to take it in again.

Slow Down!

While trying to calculate your cars top speed may seem like a great idea, it can put a huge amount of stress on the mechanical integrity of the car. Driving fast puts unneeded strain on your car’s major parts, not to mention that it’s extremely dangerous. Driving under 55mph will also help you save money on gas, as your vehicle gets better fuel efficiency at these lower speeds.


As a new driver, we all know that you are raring to get out on the open road. To Americans, a car has always been the symbol of total freedom, and I’m sure your thoughts are similar. Before you get out on the street, make sure that your car is driving at its best. If you take the time to follow these tips, you and your car will have many years of open road fun.

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