Auto Glass Repair Lawrenceville GA

Many people feel it is a waste of time and money to have their auto glass repaired instead of replaced. In reality, auto glass repair costs as much as $300.00 less than replacement. When left untreated, auto glass replacement becomes necessary when minor damage spreads. Bumps and vibrations cause chips and cracks in the glass to spread into a larger, more expensive issue.

Japanese Auto Repair has witnessed minor glass problems turn into major ones. They are a trusted source for Auto Glass Repair Lawrenceville GA. Their certified technicians recommend acting quickly to prevent further damage and to save money.

The experienced certified technicians at Japanese Auto Repair suggest one of two possibilities when the windshield is an issue. The first option is repairing the chip. Suppose the chip is no larger than a quarter. In that case, a professional auto glass repair shop likely repairs it in 15 to 30 minutes by injecting a resin specifically created for windshield glass into the damaged area. Ultra Violet light cures the resin and restores the windshield’s structural integrity.

If the damaged area is too large, sometimes replacement is necessary. The only way to be sure is by taking it to a local professional. If there is damage requiring repair or replacement, immediately beginning the search for Auto Glass Repair Lawrenceville GA is recommended. Waiting too long creates the possibility of added expense and safety hazards. The technicians at Japanese Auto Repair remove the damaged windshield and replace it with a new one. They use the highest quality primers and adhesives to ensure the proper completion of a windshield replacement.

Japanese Auto Repair in Lawrenceville is a name that is known and trusted. When auto glass needs repaired or replaced, do not wait. Call us at (678) 482-5558 to schedule an appointment.

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