Top 5 Things We Love About The 2015 STI

5. The Headlights

2015 STI Redisign

As you walk around this new 2015 WRX STI,  you’ll begin to notice a few small changes, which make a world of difference. We love the new boomerang LED headlights.  The lights seem to add just a little bit more aggression to an already animalistic car. The tail lights are nice, but don’t hold a candle to the headlights. Maybe Subaru should have aded more focus to the tails lights, seeing how most drivers will only be seeing them!



4. The Instrument Cluster

2015 STI Interior

Subaru has always been lacking when it came to style and design. Now, we are not saying the tacks and informational displays are homeruns, but they are leaps and bounds over the previous model. With a more sophisticated layout and better quality materials where there are contact points, we must give a tip of the hat to Subaru. Plus, we finally get a boost gauge and a digital one at that.




3. The Redesign

2015 WRX STI Redisign

We cannot continue further without mentioning the wonderful new redesign. For some people this as been a sore subject, and many seem to have mixed reviews. But honestly, photos do not do this car justice. We agree, online the car seems … mediocre at best. In person, the car comes alive and the strong, aggressive lines are more obvious.  And remember this, Subaru often says, we don’t have designers and they pass all savings to the customers.



2. The Headers

2015 STI Engine

One thing we loved about past STIs was the unequal length headers, giving the WRX that classic growl. As much as we love the headers we hate the reasoning behind having them. The engine. Yes, the 2015 WRX receives a beautiful FA-Series engine, but the STI variant will not. The STI will have the same boxer engine as previous models. But hey, least your car will sound amazing!




1.The Steering

2015 Subaru STI

With a significantly improved 13.0:1 steering ratio over past models (15.0:1), drivers will be thoroughly entertained carving through windy mountain roads. This car handles amazingly on the track, but the road is where it shines. Your commute will never be dull again!


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