Has a recall or technical service bulletin been issued on your car or truck? Not sure what a TSB is or the difference between a recall and a TSB? Staying on top of recalls and TSBs ensure safety for you and your family but which type also determines who is responsible for fixing and paying for the issue with your car.

There are two types of motor vehicle recalls determined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA). These recalls are either mandatory or voluntary recalls. A mandatory recall is when a vehicle has a direct safety related issue, hence why they are voluntary. Voluntary recalls are not directly related to safety but the manufacturer will be responsible for the repairs related to both type of recall for your motor vehicle. Recalls occur when the manufacturer recognizes that there is a faulty issue with a car, upon the diagnosis of the problem, every owner of the particular vehicle is to bring their car back to the dealer to have the issue fixed.

TSBs are somewhat of a different case, depending if the car is within warranty. If a TSB is issued and the vehicle is outside of the warranty period, the customer would be responsible for the cost of the repairs. If the vehicle is within warranty, the dealership will make the repairs at no cost to the customer. TSBs are not always a call for repair, as they also serve as a communication between the manufacturer and the dealer for updates or new procedures.

Japanese Auto Repair is able to service your vehicle for TSBs issued for your import car. We are also able to make repairs to your vehicle as we accept all warranties. Give us a try on your next repair or service interval!

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