Car Battery Installation Buford GA

Does your car crank slow or do you often need a jump start? If you’ve ever had to replace your car battery, you’ve likely been in a position where it’s died unexpectedly. That isn’t a settling feeling. Most mechanics will tell you that car batteries don’t have definite life expectancy, but that replacing them every 2-3 years is the best way to avoid getting stranded somewhere in Buford with a dead one.

At Japanese Auto Repair in Buford, our trained service technicians can help you to identify the correct battery for your Japanese Auto. We offer a few choices of recommended batteries to keep your car, truck or SUV running in peak condition. There is also a benefit to having your changed at our shop. You not only get their knowledge of what’s best for your vehicle, but they can also identify any other issues with your vehicle before they become serious problems.

A battery for import car doesn’t have to break the bank. Call us at 678-482-5558 if you need pricing or information on a battery for your car. After your battery is replaced, we will recycle your old one so that you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

Need other maintenance on your import car in Buford, GA? Our location can can repair most problems, whether you need a simple oil change or brake repair, or something more serious like transmission service. We’d love a chance to earn your business. Schedule a service appointment and we’ll see you soon!