Nissan Repair

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The Japanese Auto Repair Team are experts in the maintenance of your Nissan. Our ASE-certified techs utilize modern state-of-the-art diagnostic and service equipment, always under professional supervision. We strive to repair your Nissan exceeding factory-quality standards at affordable prices. If your Nissan’s issues are not listed below, please contact us via e-mail or phone for more information on repairs.

Common Nissan Issues

Crankshaft and Camshaft Sensors
If the engine starts but shuts off after a few seconds or minutes, then the sensors are steadily failing. Exposure to temperature changes can interrupt their transmitted signals to the engine control module. Engine timing is thus affected, resulting in engine backfires and erratic RPM operation.

Fuel Filters
If you’re experiencing shifting hesitation, the issue points to transmission system glitches. Problems with lean fuel mixture are related to the engine producing a pinging sound and poor performance. There may be not enough fuel or too much air, and the engine is having difficulty providing smooth shifting. It may not have the required fuel amount to increase the rpm and the fuel filter will need a replacement. Inspect the body throttle as well.

Ignition Coils
If rough idle is happening occasionally, the issue can be some coil-on-plug ignition systems. The coils should be thoroughly checked using an ohmmeter to find the ones that are failing. Once the bad coils are identified, they should be replaced immediately. Regular maintenance of the coils and the entire ignition system is highly recommended.

Ignition Switches
If you “crank” the ignition switch and yet the car doesn’t start, it can be faulty. When the terminal doesn’t have electrical current in the start position, the startup issue may come up. If the fuse does not indicate any battery power while the key is in the start position, then a new ignition switch is needed.

We would be happy to service or diagnose any issue you may be having with your Nissan. Please contact us today! We ensure you will receive the superior service you deserve.