Oil & Filter Change

A seemingly simple operation, such as and oil change, can still go sideways when the wrong person is performing the service. Vehicle owners tend to overlook the value in performing a proper oil change because of convenience and pricing, many people choose “quick lube” shops for all of their oil changes.

We believe every oil change should be performed by a certified trained technician. There are several inspections that the manufacturer recommends when you change your oil which are not usually addressed at a quick-lube service station. Unfortunately, some of the problems we see in our shop that are the result of poor oil changes. Most of these things can be avoided with the technician taking the time to do it right.

At JAR we believe in quality on every service and since oil is the sustaining life-blood of your vehicle, we take this service as serious as an major automotive service. An oil & oil filter change at our shop is affordable and timely. We use the highest quality filters and motor oils. Each oil & filter change includes a visual brake inspection, multi-point inspection, battery test and we always check and fill fluid levels.

If you would rather drop your vehicle off, we have a courtesy shuttle to take you and pick you up from your destination. Talk to your service advisor for more details. Contact us for an appointment, or schedule online today.

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