Japanese Auto Repair Featured in Suwanee Magazine

suwanee magazineHaving served Suwanee, GA since 1999, Japanese Auto Repair has become a trusted source for local auto repair. Drivers know they can count on JAR for dealership quality service without the hefty price tag. Over the past 16 years, the company has grown with the city of Suwanee gaining hundreds of repeat customers along the way. JAR was recently featured in a full page article of Suwanee Magazine. The article tells the the inspirational story of how a family escaped the Iranian revolution and created one of Suwanee’s favorite auto shops. Most customers have never heard this story and would be amazed to learn what Co-Owner, Shad Hamedani and his family went through in order to pursue a better life.

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Checking Tire Pressure – Easy to Neglect but Simple to Check

Everyone knows how annoying a flat tire can be. You have to pull over and swap your tire for that small spare tire you keep in the trunk. The whole process is frustrating and time consuming especially if you have no idea what you are doing, in which case you might have to call for a service truck. These kind of flats, though annoying are usually caused by an outside source (e.g running over a nail or sharp object) and aren’t really that concerning. The real danger are tire blowouts. This is when your tire is under inflated or over inflated. The stress on the tire can cause it to literally blow up throwing the entire car into disarray.

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