Toyota Repair

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Common Toyota Services and Pricing

Toyota Oil Change $27.95
Toyota Power Steering Flush $129.95
Toyota Brake Fluid System Flush $109.95
Toyota Wiper Blades $39.95
Toyota Air Filter $29.95

The Japanese Auto Repair Team are experts in the maintenance of your Toyota.

Our ASE-certified techs utilize modern state-of-the-art diagnostic and service equipment, always under professional supervision. We strive to repair your Toyota exceeding factory-quality standards at affordable prices. If your Toyota’s issues are not listed below, please contact us via e-mail or phone for more information on repairs.

JAR Provides Toyota Factory Parts

Here are some common Toyota issues you may be experiencing

Brake Pedal Sinks to the Floor
The Prius model has this common issue with its brake pedal; it either goes to the floor or has little pressure when it is pushed down. This represents one of the following problems: air in the brake fluid, faulty master cylinder, or low brake fluid level. If the brake pedal has air in the brake fluid, we can “bleed” the brakes to eliminate air and add new brake fluid. If the master cylinder is faulty, it must be replaced. If the brake fluid level is almost gone, fill it up to the marked level.

Steering Wheel Lock
If your ignition key cannot turn when trying to start the car, simply hold the steering wheel to one side. You may need to lubricate the ignition lock cylinder with graphite powder or tighten the steering column mounting bolts. If these solutions don’t work, the ignition lock cylinder will have to be replaced.

Faulty Power Window Switch
This issue can be either on the driver or passenger’s side. To test it, take another power window switch that works fine and plug it into each of the passenger windows. Most of these issues occur at the passenger side; you will need a window switch replacement.

Sticking Gas Pedal
If the gas pedal stays down after you depress it, your Toyota is heading down the path to sudden acceleration. Avoid driving your vehicle until the gas pedal is repaired. The spring attached to the pedal can either be damaged or loose and it will need to be replaced.

Please contact us for more information on repairs or schedule an appointment.