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Our ASE-certified techs utilize modern state-of-the-art diagnostic and service equipment, always under professional supervision. We strive to repair your Mitsubishi exceeding factory-quality standards at affordable prices.

Common Mitsubishi Issues

Certain models are more prone to specific problems than others. These are some of the most common problems our Suwanee Mitsubishi repair customers bring us. If your vehicle issues are not listed below, feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone for more information.

Power Steering
Noises, leaks or handling troubles are early signs of power steering issues. Check if your control valve is sticking or not properly adjusted. With an internal leakage, replacing the defective parts can include the fan belt, pumps or valve. There may be too much fluid in the reservoir; check for leaks and repair any damaged parts. “Bleeding” the system is one solution of getting rid of air in the system. Replace damaged seals and cracked hoses, and inflate your tires properly. Low fluid pressure could signify for the noise, so check the hoses for restrictions or snags.

One of the common causes of suspension issues are when wheel alignments are not done properly. This could point to an out-of-place steering rack. Do a thorough systems check of the suspension and steering first. Adjusting the cross shaft can resolve steering looseness. Bearings should be inspected to ensure proper adjustment. Check tie rod ends for uncontrolled movement and look into the control arm bushings. If there is looseness or wear, either tighten or replace them for proper alignment settings.

Air Conditioning
For a faulty A/C, see if the electrical wiring is intact. If there is worn insulation or broken wires, replace them. Connectors must be tight and clean. Vacuum lines should not have cracks and broken lines. Check to make sure the components are properly mounted. If the blower fan stopped, check the motor control. And replace the blower motor resistor if damaged.

Stop by our shop if you’re experiencing mechanical issues with your Mitusbishi. Our team of technicians will be happy to diagnose the issue. Give us a call or schedule service online.