Meet Our Technicians

If you need an auto mechanics in Suwanee or the surrounding area, look no further than the local experts at Japanese Auto Repair. Our team of certified auto technicians have the knowledge and experience needed for exceptional repairs. Get to know our staff and see why so many customers choose JAR for all of their auto service needs.


Raymond Moshglani

Raymond, our Shop Foreman and Master Technician, has been a mechanic for over 25 years and has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Tennessee.  Raymond’s interests/hobbies include science, reading technical books, magazines, watching sports and anything related to engineering.  Raymond’s favorite cars are Lexus and Infiniti. Part of what Raymond enjoys most about automotive repair is the Electronics and Emission Controls aspect of automotive work.


Ricky Phosai

With over 8 years as an Automotive Advisor, Ricky enjoys the automotive industry mostly because of the opportunities to meet new people and educate them on the services and repairs relating to their vehicle.  Ricky’s interests/hobbies include playing music, playing/watching sports, traveling and automotive work. Ricky’s favorite car is the BMW M3.


Joe Siraj

With over 20 years as an ASE certified Technician, Joe’s satisfaction of putting people back on the road has been his drive in working in Auto Repair.  Joe’s favorite car is Lexus. His interests and hobbies include learning about new cars and playing/watching soccer.


Darrell Saunders

Darrell has been a service technician for over 25 years and counting. Darrell’s certifications are as follows: ASE Master Tech Certified, ASE Advanced, Engine Performance, and Nissan Certified Tech.  Darrell also has an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology.  Darrell’s hobbies consist of riding his motorcycle and landscaping.  Darrell enjoys being able to repair vehicles that are in need of repair and getting them back into running condition.  His favorite car of all time is the 1974 Pontiac Trans Am SD455.


Jeanine Waite

Office assistant, Jeanine Waite has seven years experience and enjoys being around people as well as helping/assisting people. She likes working at JAR due to the friendly atmosphere and culture that it endures. She enjoys sewing, hiking, camping, reading and cooking. Her favorite car is the Ford Mustang.


Paris Hamedani

Office assistant, Paris Hamedani has 27 years experience and mostly enjoys the great work environment, great opportunities and benefits with JAR. She enjoys swimming, biking and hiking and especially enjoys the satisfactory results on the customers face after having repair work performed. Her favorite cars are Infiniti and Lexus.


Santiago Mezquita

Technician, Santiago Mezquita has over 38 years experience and is ASE certified. He likes being able to repair vehicles in need of his expertise and to get them back on the road with as little down time as possible. He enjoys billiards, soccer and spending time with family. He likes working at JAR because of the atmosphere and professionalism from the staff and employees. His favorite car is the Infiniti G37.


Zak Simmons

Technician, Zak Simmons, has been working in this field since 2007. He is ASE Certified, MACS Air conditioning certified and has his T-10, Toyota Training. He likes his job because of the new challenges he faces everyday. He likes working at JAR because of the customers and the atmosphere JAR provides for their employees. He enjoys spending time with family, motorsports and billiards. His favorite car is the 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro.

Certified Suwanee Auto Mechanics

Whenever you’re looking for reliable Suwanee auto mechanics, contact your friends at Japanese Auto Repair. Our team of certified mechanics are here to provide your car with the expert service it needs. From Acura and Nissan to Lexus and Infiniti, we have all of your vehicle services covered! Don’t forget to check out our auto service discounts and coupons! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment today!